Night Jogs Have a Nice Scenery, Too

Hey, so I decided to take up the Weekly Writing Challenge of Daily Post: “Snapshots”… I’m kinda new at this so, I still don’t know what the instructions really meant, so I’ll just settle with this: Mehehe.



Even though I live separately from my parents and instead live together with my gran, I still need my parents’ support since I’m not at a independent age yet. So I go to my parents’ house every night to ask for money to spend the next day.

During my time at the house, I tend to waste about 3 hours the least on the internet. Before I knew it, it’s already 10 pm and I need to go finally home.

Everyone was already in their beds, so, I turn off the lights, lock the door, and run as fast as I can into the dark path to my home only softly lit by the few post lamps in the sleeping neighborhood. I always had my earphones plugged in so I can focus on the music and running instead of the usual creepy sounds made by insects at night. Or the occasional howling chorus of the area’s dogs, regardless if full moon or not. I try to focus on the feeling of having the wind blow across my face and through my hair. The comfortable burn I get as I run in the night’s cool air. I just keep my eyes ahead of me and not let them stray to the sides or corners that seemed to be especially darker.

Nope. I just concentrate on the fun of running.

But I always look up at the sky when I reach that secluded road where there are only vacant lots infested with thick weeds on both sides and you can see the cemented back of the neighboring houses. A very tall antenna stood a few yards away, it’s tip looking like it can almost kiss the clouds. The road seemed to stretch and when you run, it’d feel like the “finish line” ahead of you is just going further away.

But I didn’t mind. I’m used to it. I jogged through that road every night. Instead, I look up at the dark sky that was lit up by millions of stars. I always realize how lucky I am to always see that beautiful picture every night I go home while others possibly have never seen such sight yet before. I thought about how stars are barely visible in busy and crazily packed cities, where even at night, the whole area is still lit up and awake, giving no chance for the heavenly bodies in the sky to enjoy in the limelight. People who are too caught up in their lives to even have the time to look up and just relax.

But then there are also others that just can’t.

Every night, I see this scenery that’s shared by everyone and everywhere in the world. Every night, I always want to capture this picture for everyone to see. For now, I’ll just settle with sharing the feels to those who’ll read.




3 thoughts on “Night Jogs Have a Nice Scenery, Too

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